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A dispute can have adverse effects on your business. But successfully resolving disputes will require a higher degree of specialization because the success of any construction company depends on how carefully you plan and resolve these issues.

Whenever disputes arise on a construction site, a construction dispute lawyer should be brought in to assist with finding the best way to resolve these issues. 

A construction dispute lawyer’s service ranges from significant to minor disputes.

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What is Construction Law?

There are guidelines that you must follow as a contractor when constructing buildings. For example, having the proper permits and the correct papers to build is essential. These are some of the reasons why constructions lawyers are needed. Construction law is one arm of the law with a primary focus on engineering and building construction. 

Therefore, it is crucial that you work with a construction dispute lawyer that knows the industry.

Who is a Construction Dispute Lawyer?

Construction dispute lawyers focus mainly on the construction industry. They render a list of services to people in the same industry. These lawyers offer help by giving legal advice and helping with legal affairs.

Construction disputes lawyers are there to avert disputes. Some of which are already rising against their clients. They’re also a part of the planning and execution of buildings. They ensure that their clients are following the laws, submitting claims, and budgeting correctly.

These types of lawyers are also informed about other aspects of the law. After all, they wrote the construction laws. So, they’re also experts in the actual construction work, not just the legalities and litigations.

What Do Construction Dispute Lawyers Do?

  • Proposal Construction

Before construction takes place, a proposal is drafted and pitched for others to bid on. A construction dispute lawyer can help with submitting that proposal and explain it to these persons.

  • Drafting and Negotiating Construction Contracts

A contract is used to bound an agreement made by companies and contractors. Utilizing a construction dispute lawyer, a company will know that the contract is legal.

  • Submitting Construction Claims

Many occurrences can happen while you’re doing construction which may cause delays. As a result, the company may end up requiring more time to complete the project.

The construction dispute lawyer will ensure there are provisions made for instances like these.

  • Termination of Contracts

Construction dispute lawyers can also help with assessing and determining reasons for termination. They will follow proper procedures to ensure there’s no repercussion.

A construction dispute lawyers are needed for various reasons such as:

  • To explain in detail about documents received
  • Clarify regulations
  • Assistance with drafting contracts
  • Help with new projects
  • Submit claims and ensuring that they’re following procedures
  • Representation in court.

You can’t always know what the correct procedure is when it comes to building. If you are seeking a firm with years of experience, feel free to contact Alvine Law Firm, LLP. We represent clients in all types of construction law, including but not limited to business disputes. 

We can help you with all stages of development to ensure you never have another business dispute.

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