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Dangers of Not Hiring a Lawyer After a Workplace Accident

Alvine Weidenaar, Worker’s Compensation

Workplace accidents leave injury victims in a terrible position. Not only are you trying to recover, but you’re also missing time (and money) from work. You’re probably scared and unsure of your legal rights as well.

Traumatic injuries are expensive to treat, and workers’ compensation insurers know this fact! Consequently, they will try to settle your case for an amount well below value. This outcome is the most prevalent among the dangers of not hiring a lawyer after a workplace accident.

Keep reading to learn more about how not seeking legal representation could jeopardize your work injury claim.

You Won’t Have Enough Time or Money for an Investigation

You don’t know all of the facts after a workplace accident. Many well-meaning employees assume it was their fault automatically. This belief is not always the case.

Your employer holds a general duty of care to provide a safe, hazard-free work environment. Without a proper investigation, you wouldn’t know that negligence existed in the first place.

Your workplace accident attorney has the time, money, and resources to launch a full investigation of the facts. They’ll work with expert witnesses, eyewitnesses, accident reports, and your medical team to uncover evidence.

Findings will be presented to the insurance company for a total settlement demand.

Your Insurer Might “Low Ball” Your Settlement

Workers’ compensation insurance companies are in the business to make a profit. Therefore, you can be sure that they will try to offer you a lesser settlement amount to achieve their business objectives.

Attorneys have seen this exact scenario time and time again!

However, legal representation ensures that they won’t get away with a low ball settlement offer. Work injury lawyers have the hands-on experience and legal knowledge you want when evaluating your case’s actual value.

Traumatic injuries are the most expensive for insurers to settle. So, if you’ve suffered severe injuries, you’ll want to hire a work injury lawyer to represent you.

You Could Make Legal Mistakes that Jeopardize Your Case

Insurers are professionals when it comes to gathering evidence that works in their favor. They’ll make telephone calls and send letters, all while recording your responses as case evidence.

You could inadvertently make a self-incriminating statement, miss a deadline, or complete forms incorrectly. The insurer will spare no time to point these legal mistakes out while leveraging them in their favor.

Avoid making legal mistakes altogether by hiring a workplace accident attorney as soon as possible. They’ll protect your rights while holding insurers accountable to the law’s fullest extent.

Hire a Workplace Accident Lawyer from the Start

The most proactive way to protect your rights and settlement offer is hiring an attorney from the start. An experienced workplace accident lawyer offers legal reassurance while you concentrate on recovering after your accident. We’ll investigate your accident’s cause, identify liable parties, preserve evidence, and explain your legal options.

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