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What to Do After Being Injured by a Drunk Driver

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Being hit by a drunk driver is one of the most devastating accidents that can happen to someone, and it’s important for victims to have an attorney on their side. Read on to learn how to hire a personal injury attorney after becoming the victim of a drunk driver.

Seek Medical Care

It is imperative that victims of drunk drivers seek medical care as soon as possible—even if they feel fine directly after an accident. We’ve unfortunately seen far too many people who seek medical attention weeks or even months after their accident only to find that the drunk driver’s insurance company attempts to deny their claim. By visiting their local hospital as quickly as possible, victims can get back to their lives as quickly, and as much, as they can.

Gather All Relevant Information

After being hit by a drunk driver, victims should gather all relevant information, including photos of the other driver’s car, witness’ information and the police and doctor’s reports. These documents are integral to proving a case, and one of our attorney’s will need them to begin negotiating a case as well as establishing how much compensation victims are entitled to. Keep these documents in a file and add any other documentation that is received in that file, so all case information is together and ready when needed.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

Insurance companies will want to negotiate directly with victims as soon as possible to avoid paying high medical bills and restitution—cheating victims out of the compensation they deserve. Our experienced attorneys realize this and work relentlessly to make sure that our clients receive the payment they need to return to their normal quality of life. We know what our clients need after being hit by a drunk driver, and we strive to have our clients’ medical bills and other adverse effects (PTSD, lost wages, pain and suffering, etc.) fully covered by the drunk driver and their insurance.

Set up a Consultation

After determining that we are the right firm to handle a victim’s case, we will set up a consultation. Most consultations last roughly an hour, and we discuss victims’ personal injury claim in a detailed, easy to understand way. We understand this time is stressful, and we want to make it as simple as possible for our clients to quickly return to their lives. We’ll establish what you are entitled to as well as our low fees that are contingent on our clients’ victory in court.

Start the Process

As soon as potential clients decide that we are the right firm for them, we have them sign some paperwork and begin fighting for the compensation they’re entitled to. Most of the time we can get insurance companies to fairly settle with clients, but we are more than willing to go to court as well to ensure our clients receive a large settlement. 

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