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Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers….. What You Need to Know

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As the name suggests, a slip and fall situation happens when slip and fall and gets injured on another person’s property. A slip and fall case are categorized under premise liability claims. The argument behind these cases is that the duty of a property owner is to maintain their property safely.

Slip and falls occurs very often, and you should know what to expect if it happens. If you have any question or need more information, you can contact an injury lawyer.

Different Slip and Fall Accidents

There are many ways that a slip and fall accident can happen, they’re listed below.

  • Unsafe flooring
  • Slippery surfaces
  • Poor visibility because of bad lighting
  • Wires, cords, and cable
  • Icy surfaces

Who Is Liable?

Unfortunately, in most cases, the property owners are responsible for slip and fall cases. So, to be successful in a slip and fall case, the plaintiff must prove that the property owner owes a duty of care to them. The plaintiff must also prove that the property owner breached their duty of care.

Also, the plaintiff must show that the breach is the reason for their injuries they suffered.

Damages to Recover in a Slip and Fall Case

In personal injury cases, persons can recover economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages often include medical expenses. A property owner should know there are many injuries that a person can incur after they fall.

These costs are inclusive of doctor bills, in-home assistance bills, and x-ray bills. In-home help is necessary, especially if the victim of personal injury is elderly. Victims can also recover for future medical expenses and lost wages. This section will come into play when the plaintiff got hurt and cannot go back to work immediately.

The plaintiff can also recover for medication and rehabilitation. That plaintiff may also be eligible to get non-economic damages such as lack of enjoyment, pain and suffering and emotional damages.

The Success of Slip and Fall Cases

The success of a slip and fall case has to do with the matter at hand. If you would like to know more about slip and fall cases, the best person to contact is a personal injury lawyer. They help their client get the best compensation after their slip and fall accident.

When Should You Contact an Accident Lawyer?

After your slip and fall accident, you can get in contact with an insurance company. However, you should always remember that insurance companies are looking out for themselves too, so they’re not your friend.

The Process of a Slip and Fall Case in Court

The first step in any slip and fall case is to file a complaint. After which, the defendant will respond. The lawsuit will then go on to discovery, where both parties will exchange evidence and information. They will file motions after which, if there’s no settlement, the case will go to trial.

Also, remember there are a lot of lawsuits that get settled outside of court so, your case may be one such.


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