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How to Report a Work Injury

Alvine Weidenaar, Personal Injury

Imagine yourself getting injured at work. First question we are usually asked is, “Do I have to report it?”

The answer is yes.

In South Dakota, if you don’t report your work related injury within three days of its occurrence, you will lose your right to recover workers’ compensation benefits.

The next question we are frequently asked is, “How do I report my injury?” The best way to do that is to immediately notify your supervisor or your human relations department. Normally, you would fill out a first report of injury or an accident report. However, if an accident report or a first report of injury is not available, we recommend that you send a text or an email to your supervisor or your HR department. Remember, always keep a copy for yourself in the event that you need to prove that you reported the injury within three days of its occurrence.

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