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How to get money from a car accident without a lawyer.

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Have you been hurt in a car accident? It’s the worst. You need a new car, and you need treatment for your injuries. You might even have to miss work for medical care as you heal.

You’re probably thinking about making sure that the other driver who caused the accident pays you a fair settlement. But what if you don’t want to hire a lawyer? Can you still get money?

Yes, you can, but it may not be all you deserve. Here’s what you need to know.

The Other Driver’s Insurance Owes You

If the other person caused the car accident and your injuries, their insurance company owes you money to compensate for your damages. 

This includes not only the physical damage to your car and your injuries but also the money you would have earned from working and even emotional damages. The bad news is that insurance companies focus on paying you the absolute minimum you will accept — and they are good at it.

The insurance company has lawyers on their side who are better at negotiating than you are. They’ll act like they’re making you a great offer when they know you could deserve more. To get the right amount of compensation, you really need a car accident lawyer on your side.

You Can Take the Matter to Court

If you aren’t getting the compensation you deserve after a car accident, you can also sue the other driver in court. You’ll need plenty of evidence to make your case. For instance, a police report showing the other party was at fault is essential. So are witnesses and proof of your injuries and treatment.

Going to court is a long process, and you only want to represent yourself if you have previous experience with legal cases. Suing someone isn’t like the small claims shows on television. The other driver’s insurance company will provide a professional lawyer and do everything they can to mitigate the claim and lower their payment.

For instance, the other insurance company may try to prove that you were partly at fault, meaning that they only have to pay a percentage of the damages. They could also dispute your treatment or use social media images to prove you aren’t as injured as you claim.

Remember that representing yourself in court will take a lot of time. You won’t pay an attorney, but you’ll have to understand and file paperwork by specific deadlines, arrange for expert witnesses, and more. You’ll miss work, and you may not get the payout you expect.

It’s better to work with an attorney to get the representation you deserve.

It’s Best to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

While you can get money from a car accident without hiring a professional, there’s no doubt that you’ll get a more fair settlement with a lawyer in your corner. Our car accident lawyers know how to negotiate with insurance companies, so you aren’t taken advantage of.

If the matter needs to go to court, we’ll be there with you. We can take care of paperwork and filings and arrange for testimony while you continue living your day-to-day life. Not only is it easier, but the settlement may also be better.

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