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There’s a difference between an attorney that represents people that have been in a motorcycle collisions and a motorcyclist.

My name is Bram Weidenaar and I’ve been an attorney for 25 years representing injured people. However, I’ve ridden a lot longer than that so I know the dangers that motorcyclists face on the road. I also know the bias that the public and insurance companies have toward motorcycles and motorcycle riders.

I know because I ride.

Now that the weather is warming up, I want to pass along a few tips on how to ride safely.

  1. Always wear protective gear
  2. Follow all traffic laws
  3. Ride defensively
  4. Hone your riding skills through continued education.
  5. And of course, never ride in pairs.

We had Alvine Weidenaar want you to have a safe and enjoyable riding season. If you do happen to get into a collision, remember that we at Alvine Weidenaar are here for you. Alvine Weidenaar get injured motorcyclists the compensation that they deserve.

The initial consultation is always free. Let our team at Alvine Weidenaar help you stay safe and remember, I know because I ride.

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