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Defensive Driving Tips for Pedestrians

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To keep our roads safe, it is essential that everyone keep in mind that safety is each person’s responsibility. All drivers must watch for pedestrians and pedestrians should do the same and follow necessary safety measures. For everyone to stay safe, there are defensive driving tips every driver and pedestrian can follow to avoid any accidents. 

Tips for Drivers 

Some essential defensive driving tips for when pedestrians are present include: 

Drivers Should Always Avoid Distractions 

Driving with distractions is one of the major causes of deadly car accidents in the U.S. It is especially hazardous in situations where pedestrians are present. When a person is texting, playing with the radio, or talking to someone in the backseat, they are much less likely to notice a pedestrian crossing the road. Every driver should do their part to avoid distractions and wait until they are safe at their destinations before engaging in any other taste. 

Watch for Children at Play 

Children do not think before they act or follow the rules the same way adults do in most cases. They could dart out into a street to chase a toy or ignore street signals. Drivers should be especially cautious when they are in residential areas or close to playgrounds or other places kids frequent. 

Never Pass a School Bus When Red Lights Are Flashing, and Stop Sign is Out

Unfortunately, this commonly occurs, and drivers have unintentionally killed or seriously injured children. If a school bus comes to a stop, they are more than likely doing so for a reason. Inspect to see if they are alert kids are leaving or entering the bus. Kids are small, and a driver may not see them over their dashboard. Losing a minute to be safe is always better than dealing with the consequences of not seeing that a child is crossing the street. 

Tips for Pedestrians 

Pedestrians share responsibility for remaining safe on roads. Besides following safety rules, some essential safety tips for pedestrians are below: 

Ensure Visibility 

Pedestrians should wear bright colors or reflective materials. Wearing clothes that will catch the driver’s attention is especially vital at night. 

Avoid distractions

Remain alert at all times. If their cell phone other devices distract a pedestrian, they may not notice and prevent a dangerous situation from occurring. 

Avoid Walking in Dangerous Places  

Remain clear of large objects such as buses or other obstacles to ensure the drivers can see you. Pedestrians should also try to avoid dark roads if possible. 

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