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Back Injuries in the Workplace and Why You Should Hire a Lawyer

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More than a million Americans suffer back injuries at work every year. If you’re one of them, you need to establish whether the job you’re doing relates to the injury you’ve suffered.  

Failure to do so means enduring physical pain and potentially losing out on all the compensation due to you. 

Read on to find out how to get to the bottom of what caused your back injury. Learn why hiring a Workers Compensation Lawyer will help maximize your possible damages.

Who Caused My Back Injury at Work?

Workers Compensation Lawyers like us have years of experience behind them. We’re used to dealing with claims related to back injuries in the workplace. That means we understand what to look for when it comes to establishing fault and responsibility.

You may have your own thoughts about how your back injury happened. Before reaching any definitive conclusions, it’s always best to consult us first. We may pick up on something important which had never even occurred to you.

We will be able to establish the facts. This is important because, if you’ve suffered a back injury at work, you’re likely to feel a range of emotions from pain to anger and worry about the future. Your lawyer will remain objective at all times.

Common Causes of Back Injuries at Work 

Your employer has a duty of care toward you. Health and safety training is essential in any workplace. It should start on the first day of any new job. Here are some of the reasons workers suffer a back injury:

  • Incorrect posture whilst sitting for prolonged periods
  • Poor quality seating combined with high levels of work-related stress
  • Highly physical jobs with insufficient training in a substandard environment

Your job might require you to put pressure on your back. It is your employer’s responsibility to mitigate any risk to you. This means they should do the following: 

  • Offer adequate training in the workplace
  • Provide you with the tools and machinery you need to carry out your work safely
  • Ensure emergency medical treatment in the workplace for work-related issues

Training and the Work Environment

Training staff is not a good enough excuse for an employer to refuse liability for back injuries at work. Employers must also provide a satisfactory working environment. This should enable you to work safely and in accordance with the training offered.

If you suffer a back injury at work, you must report it and ensure your employer logs the issue. If you need medical treatment, keep records. If you need to take time off work due to pain and suffering, keep a detailed diary.

Negligence and Making Your Claim

It could be that your employer did not take all the necessary steps to keep you safe in the workplace. That means they may have been negligent. If so, they should be compensating you for medical care, loss of earnings, and emotional distress.

 We have the experience to ensure you get the right compensation for your injury. We’re here to help. Contact us today and let us take the strain so that you can continue on the road to recovery.

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