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When To Hire A Construction Dispute Lawyer

Alvine Weidenaar, Litigation

Managing a construction project requires coordination between multiple parties, such as owners, contractors, investors and architects. As several moving parts are involved in construction projects, the chances of disagreements is high.

A construction dispute lawyer may intervene if i a dispute erupts between any of the involved parties. An experienced lawyer has the expertise to efficiently represent your case and figure out fair solutions in a trial or through mediation. Here is when you may require their services:

1. Drafting Contracts

Construction projects tend to have tight schedules and involve a substantial amount of money. Before becoming associated with a project, make sure your interests are safeguarded in writing. This can be done through an effective contract, which a construction dispute lawyer can help you draft.

Moreover, a lawyer can identify problematic contract clauses that may result in unnecessary liability or risks. They will be able to negotiate an agreement most favorable for you.

2. Permitting and Regulation Guidance

Licenses, regulations and permits can halt a construction project, no matter how large-scale it is. They comprise land use, environmental, zoning, and workplace safety laws.

A construction dispute lawyer can help you fulfill the legal requirements for a project, ensuring you are complying with all the laws before and during construction. Our professional lawyers in South Dakota can make sure you are on the right track during each phase of the project. 

3. Dispute Resolution

In case a dispute arises between any of the parties involved in the construction project, it is important to have construction dispute lawyer to represent you. They can minimize the disruption caused to your project by managing disputes, such as:

  • Claims for time extensions or variations
  • Employer claims for defective work
  • Contractor claims for losses due to delayed or disputed work
  • Claims by professional consultants or contractors for unpaid fees
  • Claims against professional consultants due to negligent design or over-certification
  • Implementing adjudicator’s decisions
  • Advice regarding public private partnership (PPP) scheme disputes
  • Issues due to breach of contract

4. Preventing Backend Mistakes

When you are involved in a construction project, a construction disputes lawyer is a necessity not a luxury. Our lawyers are specialists in their field and can prevent backend errors.

Backend problems can include employees not showing up at the construction site due to payment problems and cash flow issues from the suppliers’ end. With a broad understanding of the construction industry, a construction dispute lawyer can resolve these issues to ensure a smooth experience for you.

The legal services offered by our construction dispute lawyers safeguard you against third-party liability lawsuits and various civil actions that may be taken against you. Our team consists of experienced construction dispute lawyers in South Dakota to help you successfully manage your projects. 

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