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What Is a Litigation Lawyer?

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If you are looking to defend against a legal claim or file one, you will need a litigation lawyer. Unlike a transactional attorney, a litigation lawyer is often the one you see in a courtroom, defending or prosecuting claims for clients. In this blog post, we will explain everything you need to know about litigation lawyers.

What Can a Litigation Lawyer Do for You?

You should always consult with a litigation lawyer if you want to settle a business dispute or file a lawsuit. An expert lawyer can walk you through different legal and technical aspects of the case and give you impartial advice. A professional and an expert litigation lawyer will also advise if their services are best suited for your case or not before you hire them. 

Litigation lawyers can help you understand how you can prove your claim and figure out the next steps to take. Plus, they will also warn you about the defenses you need to use and potential pitfalls that you may encounter. A litigation lawyer prepares cases for trial and identifies the best course of action; hence, giving you relief from the situation and getting the most compensation. 

When Should You Hire a Litigation Lawyer?

If someone files a claim against you, it is essential to speak to an attorney rather than handling the case on your own. Some of the examples of when you should hire a litigation lawyer are given below:

You may hire a litigation lawyer if you require an opinion on a legal case. Hiring a litigation lawyer does not mean that you have to go straight to trial. A litigation lawyer will do their best to avoid the stress and expense of a trial and get the best possible settlement. Their services include arbitration, mediation, and negotiations.  

You may hire a litigation lawyer to settle professional disputes within a business. For instance, if you are terminated without a reasonable cause, you have the right to sue the company. Other examples include personal accident or injury, settling a past debt, etc. 

What Should You Expect?

You should expect a litigation lawyer to keep you posted about your case. Sometimes, lawsuits can take several months or even years to get settled. You should also expect your lawyer to provide an invoice of the bill, including all of the services they performed. Your lawyers should keep you in the loop, inform you about the settlement options, and advise you on how to move forward.

How Much Would It Cost?

A litigation lawyer may charge you on an hourly basis, which means at a fixed rate per hour. Or, they may go for contingency billing, which means that your attorney will collect a share from the payment you receive as settlement. 


Small businesses usually have a smaller budget to work with, which means that they should focus on cutting costs. However, there are some cases when they should seek legal advice with the help of a litigation lawyer for the sake of their business. If you believe you need litigations services, you must get in touch with your lawyer at the earliest to avoid further damage to your business and your reputation.

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