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Are you having a dispute in your business? Does this dispute have to do with another business partner? If you answered yes, you should consider contacting a litigation lawyer to resolve the issue.

A dispute can raise its ugly head at any time in a business. It can be within the company or between multiple companies. The cause of a dispute can be simple or complex business matters. 

Some companies try to resolve this issue by contracting a risk analyst whose role is to analyze situations and find strategies to reduce the risks of disputes, if any. However, while this strategy may work for some companies, it doesn’t work for all. In this case, the best approach is to hire a litigation lawyer

You may ask, who is a litigation lawyer and why do I need one? Let’s answer your questions.

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Who is a Litigation Lawyer?

A litigation lawyer is an attorney designated by you to serve you in court. For example, you would generally hire a litigation lawyer if another company sued your company; this often forms from a business dispute

If you’re someone who watches court matters on television, then you would’ve seen a litigation lawyer in action. But, there’s a lot more to being a litigation lawyer than representing people in court. 

Duties of a Litigation Lawyer

A litigation lawyer or otherwise called a trial lawyer or an attorney must know the civil and criminal procedures in whichever jurisdiction they’re practicing; this is so because if you miss a deadline, it can be disastrous to you. Therefore, having a litigation lawyer to represent you is vital. 

An attorney should be versed in the area of law where you need representation. In addition, they should think quickly because most things that happen in court happen without notice. 

A trial lawyer is an excellent asset to you, especially when you’re having business disputes. Whichever attorney you hire should have your best interest at heart especially when they’re showing up for you in court. 

Your litigation lawyer must be able to identify the legal problems that identify with your case. Then, they will advocate for you according to the legal issues posted by facts in your case and the laws that govern the area you live in. 

This kind of advocacy should be received from the attorney representing you. The reason this is important is because the relationship you and your lawyer develop goes beyond the courtroom. 

Your attorney will have to represent you in front of all counsel, and it must be done with your best interest at heart. Your attorney will also be doing many other business litigations on your behalf so having a great relationship is crucial. 

Why Do You Need a Litigation Lawyer?

While a lawsuit isn’t the first thought, it will eventually become the only way to solve your problem. A dispute that develops between two parties will take on a whole new definition when a party files a lawsuit. 

While you may not want to, the best decision is to hire a litigation lawyer to assist you with the lawsuit. Doing so will help you understand where you stand legally in the dispute and the options available to you. It would be best if you also decided at this point what you’re hoping to achieve from the case.

Different Ways to Resolve Business Disputes

The first step of resolving this dispute is to go through a dispute resolution procedure. However, the best step is to handle this dispute by getting both parties in a meeting to find a resolution.

In this step, your lawyer can use negotiation to resolve the issues quickly. However, if negotiation fails, a more formal measure is taken called mediation. Whenever there’s a mediation, a third party is invited into the mix to help resolve the issue. While this is beneficial, both parties must agree to the resolution for it to be binding. 

After this agreement, a formal contract is done, and both parties will have to sign it. That deal is now binding between both parties. Mediation is generally cheaper than the hassle of going to court. It’s also a faster way for both parties to resolve their issues. 

If mediation or resolution don’t work, then arbitration is the next option. In the arbitration process, both parties get to select a neutral person called an arbitrator. An arbitrator is like a private judge. Sometimes there’s more than one arbitrator, for example, if there is more than one party in a lawsuit. 

Before the session begins, both parties have to agree that arbitration is the only way to resolve their problem. Therefore, it’s best to get advice from a litigation lawyer who knows about arbitration. 

You can choose to use a litigation lawyer if your case is informal, and the other company isn’t interested in arbitration. A litigation process is controlled solely by the court.

It’s best to choose an attorney that is unique to your situation. And the best way to find them is by researching and learning about the litigation lawyers in your area who are informed about your situation. 

It’s also a good idea to schedule a meeting with a litigation lawyer before deciding to hire them. Doing this will allow you to talk to them about your particular issue to ensure they’re perfect for representing you in court. 

Your litigation lawyer must be able to recognize the strong and weak points in your case and must also be able to understand when the court will settle, especially if your case goes to trial. 


An experienced business disputes attorney can help your business in various ways. First, they can give you legal advice to show you where you stand in a business dispute. Next, they can represent you in any other matter brought before the court. 

They can also help you find the best resolution for you. If you can’t solve your business dispute any other way, you can hire an experienced business lawyer from the firm of Alvine Law Firm, LLP. These lawyers have years of experience in litigation. 

At Alvine Law Firm, LLP we are prepared to meet your needs and represent you through all your lawsuits.

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