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Why You Need a Lawyer for Semi-Truck Accidents

Alvine Weidenaar, Personal Injury

Semi-truck accidents can cause devastating injuries and death.  When a careless semi-truck driver causes an accident it changes people’s lives.  These are not simple accidents for the injured party but “life-altering events”.

Commercial truck drivers are supposed to be professional drivers but they are humans and make mistakes.  Due to their sheer size and weight semi-trucks can pose exceptional dangers on our highways.  If you are injured as a result of a trucking accident you need a lawyer who can hold the company liable.

The accident needs to be investigated as soon as possible, evidence needs to be secured, and witness statements need to be taken.  If you wait to call a lawyer, evidence and witnesses may disappear and be lost forever.

At Alvine|Weidenaar, we have successfully sued and recovered for injured clients involved in semi-truck accidents.  If you or a loved one have been injured as a result of a negligent or careless semi-truck driver, let us help you.  We are always “Fighting For the Injured”.

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