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Why Should I Call Alvine Weidenaar?

Alvine Weidenaar, Criminal

I am getting accused of a crime, why should I call Alvine Weidenaar?  

If you run a simple Google search, it seems there are hundreds of results for a criminal defense attorney near you, so why should you pick the legal team at Alvine|Weidenaar to represent you in this troubling time?  The answer is simple.  Proven experience and a track record of success.

I have personally represented several individuals charged with homicide, dozens more with rape, robbery, and every drug crime you can imagine.  Grant has also represented criminal defendants for over two decades.

We have proven success.  Our firm has received acquittals in both state and federal court.

Not only do we have proven success, our team handles hundreds of criminal cases each year.  We handle anything from misdemeanor tickets, driving under the influence, drug charges, to homicides.  No case is too big or too small to deserve our attention.  Your rights matter.

Do not settle for just any attorney or even the first name that pops up on your phone.  Be confident in your representation.  Call the experts at Alvine|Weidenaar to defend your rights and to uphold the constitution.  Your freedom just may depend on it.

Get the help you need today!

Our legal team’s expertise allows us to quickly evaluate your claim to allow you to get back to living your life.