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Who pays medical bills after a serious accident?

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One question we get all the time is who pays the medical bills following a serious accident and before the case is settled?

Following an accident where you’ve been seriously injured, your own automobile policy has to pay the medical bills up to a certain amount. This is called medical pay coverage. Usually it’s sold in increments of $2,000, $5,000 or $10,000.

Once your insurance company has paid the amount that you’re insured for, the rest of your medical bills are paid by your health insurance company. Then, when the case is settled, you can demand all of your medical bills to be paid by the party that hurt you.

So protect yourself in case of a serious accident and make sure that you have adequate medical pay coverage. This will allow you to pay for your copays, deductibles, and outstanding medical bill costs.

While the case is pending, don’t leave yourself subject to not having the medical pay coverage to take care of those costs. Call your insurance agent today and ask them about what you have for medical pay coverage and make sure you have adequate medical pay coverage to cover you in case you’re seriously injured.

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