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What kind of legal work does Alvine Weidenaar do?

Alvine Weidenaar, Criminal, Personal Injury, Worker’s Compensation

One of the most common questions we get asked is what kind of legal work do you guys do? We are primarily an injury law firm. We have offices in Sioux Fall and Mitchell, South Dakota that handle all types of injury cases.

Some of the most common types of injury cases we represent are car accidents, semi truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and all types of work related injuries that may occur. Cases can range from a simple rear end collision to a multiple vehicle roll over fatality.

We also handle all types of workers’ compensation claims. Workers’ compensation or injuries that happened in the workplace are one of our specialties. No matter how unique your cases, we have the expertise here at Alvine Weidenaar, LLP. Our injury lawyers are here to handle all of your needs.

Some of the lesser thought about types of cases we handle are wrongful death lawsuits, dog bite cases, product liability cases, slip and fall cases, drunk driving cases, and all other types of accidents or injuries that you can think of.

Alvine Weidenaar also handles all types of criminal cases. Whether it be from a DUI, a murder case and assault case, or a rape case. If you have been injured in any way, whether it be in an accident on the job or accused of a crime, call the legal experts at Alvine Weidenaar, LLP.

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