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Staying Safe on the Highway

Alvine Weidenaar

Overall, the United States has done an excellent job of making the roads safe for its 229 million licensed drivers. Vehicles are more technically advanced to reduce injuries. That explains in part why 70 percent of the more than 6.7 million crashes in 2018 involved only property damage.

Nevertheless, it’s imperative to take your responsibility behind the wheel seriously, even if a wreck only dents your front bumper. 

Most accidents occur on the highways. After all, you’re driving faster, making quick and correct decisions essential. That makes staying focused your number one priority and taking charge of your safety. That means no cellphone use, no eating, and no pets in the front seat.

The fact remains that it doesn’t matter if you’re using your cellphone in your hand or hands-off in a holder. The effects on your concentration are the same as if you were driving under the influence. If you’re sitting behind the way, you shouldn’t do anything else. Just drive.

Staying safe on the highways also means keeping your eyes on the other vehicles with individuals who may or may not share your commitment to responsible driving. Other things you can do to take charge include:

  • Make regular stops to walk around and give yourself a break.
  • Make sure to do regular maintenance on your vehicle, such as filling the tires and fluids before you travel.
  • Service your vehicle, including the coolant and air conditioning systems.
  • Scope out your route before you go for any construction or detours.
  • Get a good night’s sleep before you hit the road.
  • Make it a house rule that everyone in the vehicle buckles up before the trip starts.
  • Limit drive time to the daylight hours.

More people are sharing the road during the summer. There is more pedestrian and bicycling traffic. That makes concentrating on the road even more critical. Unfortunately, sometimes, things go wrong, and you get into a wreck.

As upsetting as an accident is, it behooves you to stay calm and turn your attention to keeping you and your loved ones safe while off the road. That means protecting yourself in a different arena.

After the Accident

The single most important thing you must do is to hire a car accident lawyer immediately after the accident. Having someone who can review the incident objectively can help you make wiser decisions, despite the high emotions you’re undoubtedly feeling at this time. Consider the consequences of going it alone.

You risk not getting the knowledgeable representation you need for negotiations with the insurance company and their legal team.

You may not get the fairest settlement with your case.

You won’t have a professional on your side looking after your best interests.

Our legal team is here to help. We offer years of experience dealing with personal injury cases like yours. We can ensure that you get the best resolution for now and any long-term effects as a result of the accident. We’re on your side. Call us today, and put your mind at ease.

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