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How to Hire an Estate Lawyer

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Estate law is a complicated area of law, with many variables to consider when making decisions. You might not know what you need or how much an estate lawyer will cost until it’s too late. 

By taking a few minutes now to learn about the different types of lawyers, and which ones are best for your needs, you can avoid future headaches down the line. We’ll also outline some common situations that may require hiring an estate lawyer so you’ll be prepared if something happens. 

What is an Estate Lawyer?

Estate lawyers are the professionals who help homeowners with wills, trusts, and other legal matters. They offer valuable services that guide you through the trust and inheritances process.

Estate attorneys can help with many of the following trust issues:

  • Estate planning, including trust creation and trust administration;
  • Trust enforcement
  • Managing trust disputes
  • Determining how much is owed to beneficiaries
  • Trust modification or termination proceedings

If an estate trust lawyer is needed, trust law attorneys are the ones to call. These lawyers understand trust laws and taxes that go along with the game and how to manage it after it has been created properly.

What is an Estate Planning Attorney?

Estate planning attorneys help clients make plans for their assets and other possessions after they die. Estate planning lawyers help their clients with trust and estate preparation, which includes setting up trusts, wills, powers of attorney for finances or health care decisions, providing for minor children or other dependents.

Estate planning attorneys often are estate trust lawyers, but some law firms make it a practice to have separate trust and estate planning services. 

What About Trust and Estate Litigation?

A trust and estate litigation lawyer specializes in trust laws. They help clients with trust issues, including trust disputes, which can arise from beneficiaries trying to get money before their time or other trust-related problems. 

It’s important to note that trust and estate lawyers don’t handle the actual dispute but rather consult with clients on resolving trust disputes. 

When Should I Hire an Estate Attorney? 

An estate attorney is needed when trust and estate concerns arise if either a client or family member has passed away or if trust issues may happen in the future. Trusts can involve property, stocks, bonds, trust accounts, retirement funds and insurance policies. To properly manage a trust estate, you’ll need the guidance of trust law attorneys or even trust and estate litigation lawyers.

Suppose your trust is related to appointing a power of attorney for an ageing parent or child’s finances or health care decisions. In that case, trust attorneys can help create the necessary documents and trust conditions to avoid potential trust issues down the road. 

If you’re having trust and estate planning concerns or trust disputes, a trust law attorney will be able to help you make proper trust decisions. 

Where Can I Find an Estate Lawyer in South Dakota?

Alvine Weidenaar is famously known to be S.D’s premier injury law firm. We have decades of experience among us, with knowledge in trust and estate law. We offer trustworthy advice at a fraction of the cost. 

For more information or assistance with trust laws, estate trust lawyers, litigation lawyers, or estate planning attorneys in South Dakota, call (605) 275-0808 or contact us online.

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