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Getting a Second Opinion After Your Independent Medical Examination

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I know that workers compensation is often confusing and frustrating but I am here to help you out. I have 26 years of experience representing people who were injured at work. 

Routinely, people come to see me because the workers compensation insurer wants to send the injured worker to a doctor for an “independent medical examination”.  The law in South Dakota allows the workers compensation insurer to obtain such an examination every 30 days.  This does not mean that the exam will be “independent”.  Workers compensation insurers frequently select doctors that they are reasonably certain will write a report that goes against the injured worker.  The workers compensation insurer will then use this adverse report to deny future workers compensation benefits.

If you have been injured at work and the workers compensation insurer wants to send you to a doctor for an independent medical examination, you probably need to speak with an experienced workers compensation lawyer.  We at Alvine|Weidenaar have the experience you need.  We fight for your rights to workers compensation benefits.  Contact us at (605) 275-0808 or visit our website at AlvineWeidenaar.com

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