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I’ve often been asked, if I’ve been injured in an accident, do I really need an experienced personal injury lawyer to represent my interest?  My answer to that is always yes, yes you do. Insurance companies have attorneys working hard for them, to protect their interest, and so should you.

If you had a heart issue, you’d go to a cardiologist.  If you had a problem with your eye.  You’d go to an ophthalmologist.  They are all practicing medical doctors but they practice in different fields of medicine.

The same thing is true with the law.  Many lawyers practice law, but primarily practice business law.  Some lawyers practice in divorce law.  At Alvine | Weidenaar, we primarily practice in injury law.  I’ve been practicing personal injury since 1997.  We have recovered millions of dollars for injured clients.  So if you have been injured in an accident, select an attorney that represents your interest the best.  That is experienced in aggressive injury law.  At Alvine | Weidenaar, we are always “Fighting for the Injured.”

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